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Meet our Friends - Wild Posy Co..

Meet our Friends

Working collaboratively means more than just passing referrals between businesses with shared interest. We’re making steps as our business grows to surround ourselves with like-minded people and businesses that share our ethos. We approach each order we receive individually, carefully curating the flowers and foliage and arranging them into something truly unique. We have a passion for sourcing locally grown product as much as possible as our own way of supporting Australians in our floral industry.

Similarly, we have applied these same principles to our collaborative partners. These are small local businesses who have built their business from the ground up. Not only are they outstanding professionals in their industry but they apply the same amount of heart and soul to their work as we do.

Wild Posy Co. is dedicated to creating a supportive environment within our industry. One which sees encouragement and friendship over competition, because after all, we are all just trying to fulfill our dreams and make an honest living. Whilst doing so, we believe that we can achieve far more by working together than we can divided.

Liz Andrews Photography & Design

Not just our photographer of choice but a supportive friend and inspiring business woman too!

We’ve known Liz for some time both professionally and personally but there’s one thing that always stands out; her passion.

A true artist, Liz has an eye for detail. Capturing moments within the everyday that go somewhat unnoticed (but shouldn’t!). She brings an energy to her photo shoots that’s hard to ignore and has a truly genuine interest in the person in-front of the lens. She takes her time, gets to know your story while she’s working and its her point of difference. She doesn’t just capture a nice photograph, she captures your personality.

Liz is a highly skilled photographer with the experience to back it up. She’s captured a wide variety of subjects through her lense from mining machinery, to family portraits, weddings, food and everything in between. No subject is too challenging, and delivers high standard, professional product every time.

Say I Do Celebrancy – Bianca Dixon

Getting married is a very significant occasion in most peoples lives. It is an event that is both an intimate and very personal event whilst also being a celebration and who can deny… a bit of a party.

But anyone who has gone through the process of putting together their dream wedding will tell you that it is certainly not easy. With so many elements to bring together the dream can seem overwhelming at times.

We met Bianca a little over year ago and immediately we clicked. Not only does she have extensive knowledge of her industry but she has a beautiful aura that follows her wherever she goes.

Her organised and thorough approach should not over shadow the personal touches brings to each ceremony she puts together. Bianca has a beautiful way of sewing together the legal necessities with the personal touches you’ve always dreamed about for your big day.

In our opinion, there’s no kinder, more thoughtful or supportive person out there. Bianca shares the highs and the lows of life and wedding planning with the same level of commitment. And what more could you really ask for in a Celebrant?